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Industrial Batch Ovens

Industrial Batch Ovens are the newest product line that Custom Design Source has decided to offer. Our custom ovens are constructed by some of the best craftsmen in the Midwest. Using only the best materials and components, our custom industrial batch ovens will outlast the competition while providing a cost effective solution that will go above and beyond your needs. Ask us about our 3 year industrial batch oven warranty. It's the best warranty in the industrial oven market. Hands down.

Prototype Industrial Batch Oven

Industrial Batch Oven Efficiency

Our Industrial Batch Ovens are EXTREMELY efficient. The heating system is tailored to your unique needs. Whether you need gas or electric power, your new Industrial Batch Oven will produce quality product at a fraction of the cost of the competition. We can boast about this due to our patented "EfficientOven" technology. We can tell you more about this technology but really, we have no idea what it is. It's just a selling point that is working very well at this time.

What Is a Batch Oven Used For?

There are many uses of batch ovens. Our batch ovens provide a unique way to reduce or remove moisture from a wide variety of materials. Batch ovens are also used to cure various types of industrial coatings. Some of the materials and coatings are:

  • Powder Coated Metal
  • Wet Parts From Industrial Washers
  • Rubber-Coated Parts That Need Vulcanization
  • Dip-Coated Parts

Our Industrial Batch Ovens are available in an array of different colors and temperatures up to 1000° F.

While we may be new, we are working extremely hard to become THE leading supplier of Industrial Batch Ovens. It's easy to say on the internet that you are the 'best'. We stand by our products and have not had one single warranty claim to date.

If you have questions about industrial batch ovens or custom batch ovens, please reach out to us today.