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CSWP - Sheet Metal Certification

Milwaukee Sheet Metal Design - SolidWorks Contract Manufacturing

I have been involved in some aspect of sheet metal design or manufacturing since 1999. My experience ranges from simple plates, flanges, and covers, to more complicated products such as sheet metal enclosures, aluminum intake manifolds, and formed-channel weldments.

Primarily, I focus on the design of sheet metal components. My skill set has grown far beyond the theory that if SolidWorks can unfold it, then it must be a good design. I have heard those very dangerous words in the past... Throughout the years, I have worked hands-on. I have experienced first hand the how to's and the why not's. When designing, my intention is to create the most cost effective part(s) possible while not compromising fit, form, or function. In today's market, getting it right the first time is critical.

Currently, I do not offer manufacturing services myself but I do work through a network of local vendors that are able to fabricate any design that I pass along to them.

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Milwaukee Sheet Metal Design